Post Mortem Documents

I want to share two great documents that we have created to share.

Post Mortem Process Diagram

Here is the Post Mortem Template we use, below it is a link to download a spreadsheet version.

Field name Description
Title As title
report status status of incident analysis report: draft, reviewed and published
Outage reference number As title
Executive Summary As title
start time when did outage start
end time when did outage end
duration total duration of outage
Product(s) major product(s) impacted
Other products(s) impacted additional product(s) impacted which is not within the scope of analysis
Ops On-Call Oncall engineer during outage
Ops Contact #1 Additional Ops engineer involved
Ops Contact #2 Additional Ops engineer involved
Outage Resolution the resolution of the outage
Last Outage when was the last time we have a similar outage
Recent application builds related application change within a given time period
Related change and maintenance related infrastructure change and maintenance within a given time period
Timeline Analysis detailed timeline of the incident and corresponding measurement
Time to Detect (TTD):Time it takes for monitor system to detect the problem
Time to Notify (TTN):Time it takes for monitor system to notify operations
Time to Respond (TTR’):Time it takes for Operations to respond
Time to Troubleshoot (TTT):Time it takes for Operations to diagnose
Time to Repair (TTR):Time it takes for Operations to recover the system
Log Analysis analysis for application logs and system logs
Monitoring Correlation Correlation of monitoring data.
-Application availability and system monitoring: i.e. Zenoss
-Usser experience monitoring: i.e. Truesight
-Application profiling: i.e. dynaTrace
Review and Recommendation Specific recommendations to improve outage handling should be classified into one of the following types:
-process change
-Dev change request
-Ops Change request
-infrastructure enhancement
Root Cause root cause of the incident
Reference documents that we use during incident analysis – in-house design documents, vendor documents, white papers,…,etc
contributors others who are involved in incident analysis

You can download an .XLS file of the template here.

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